Gallatin River Lodge
- produced for Gallatin River Lodge
Gallatin River Lodge features the new Trout Cabin Lodge near Bozeman, Montana. A secluded boutique hotel & fly fishing lodge offering fine dining, fly fishing guide service and exceptional lodging in the Yellowstone National Park region.


 Vanessa Sanddall: Red Shoes and Striped Tights
- produced for entrepreneur Vanessa Sanddall

This was a fun project helping Vanessa to brand her new business with a call to action video that also explained her business in just a couple minutes.  I traveled to Helena to tape Vanessa in her home studio, and to capture the very personal nature of her business.  Like many people today, she has turned her lifestyle into a business and is reaching out through web and video to people she never would have been able to connect with in the "old world" before the internet. As Vanessa says in the video, "that's the point, normal is over."


Star West Satellite
- produced for Star West Satellite
We recently created this hiring video for Star West Satellite, one of 14 Regional Service Providers for Dish, located in Bozeman, Montana. We also created their new website. Star West wanted to upgrade their image and attract young, tech savvy employees to become satellite technicians in this fast-paced, fast-growing industry. ooLite Media was the logical choice to help them with both their website and video needs.



Gluten-Free Prairie Groat Rissoto Recipe
- produced for Gluten-Free Prairie
When Deb Wheaton and her son Jeremy started their new business, Gluten-Free Prairie, Oolite Media videotaped them creating some of their favorite gluten-free recipes... Here, Jeremy whips up his tasty groat rissoto.