Video Book Trailers

Ted Turner’s Last Stand Book Trailer
– produced for Todd Wilkinson
Todd Wilkinson recently finished a 7-year project exploring the subtlties and idiosyncracies of Ted Turner.  It’s a fascinating narrative of what makes Turner tick.  Todd wanted to create an exciting teaser for what the reader will find in the book.

Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of American Leadership Book Trailer
– produced for author Jon Knokey

Author Jon Knokey finished his groundbreaking book on Theodore Roosevelt’s path to leadership and needed an exciting video book trailer to kick off the publication. Utilizing the extensive Teddy Roosevelt archives at Harvard, we crafted a dramatic teaser beginning with Roosevelt’s legendary charge up San Juan Hill. Competition for new book recognition is hotter than ever and many authors are opting for well design and dynamic video book trailers to attract readers.

Who is to Blame: A Russian Riddle Book Trailer
– produced for author Jane Marlow

Jane Marlow’s debut novel is a beautifully detailed twenty-five-year saga of two families in mid-19th century Russia. The setting is Russia’s vast grain fields and weaves a heart-wrenching and all too familiar story of the haves and have-nots, but, with a twist. Tsar Alexander II had just emancipated 20 million serfs from bondage and the haves are back on their heels in decline.  The serfs remain in poverty and Marlow paints with words the “intertwining stories of love, loss, courage and pain against her backdrop of social upheaval.

A fascinating gift to the readers of this engaging historical novel is the attention to the details of the lives and clothing of a 19th century peasant girl.  We decided on two video book trailers to promote her novel, one to set the story and time period, and another, Girls and Their Clothes, to give the reader a preview of the young Russinn girl’s relationship with her clothes.

How Did I Get Here? Video Book Trailer
– produced for author Jane Marlow

“When you try to describe Russia you can use well-known historical events. If you want to know about the lives of the Russian people, it becomes a little murkier until now. Jane Marlow has done a marvelous job in giving the reader a deep and beautiful insight into the day to day life of the Russian people from nobles to the peasants in the 19th century. As you immerse yourself in the book you can feel their struggles and experiences as though you were walking in their shoes. Brilliant!” – Mark Schauss, host of the Russian Rulers History Podcast

Spillover Book Trailer
– produced for David Quammen
When David Quammen published his non-fiction science thriller, Spillover, we helped him create  a dramatic video book trailer that would evoke the gravity of the subject.


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