DSC 0072I love creating one-of-a-kind websites and video vignettes.  There is something exciting and gratifying in taking a concept such as the promotion of a new book or business and creating a dramatic video trailer or website to evoke the creative vision.  The right music, vibrant visuals and graphics, and dramatic sound effects come together to weave a memorable story.

I ran a multimedia company, Earthtalk Studios, in Bozeman for 20 years. With my very talented staff, we created many websites, videos and interactive presentations in Montana and across the country.

Starting in 2010, I became an independent media developer designing responsive websites, videos and motion graphics for many old and new clients.  I learned a great deal from my years at Earthtalk and I bring those two decades of experience to this boutique creative media laboratory. It's all about making an idea come to life for my clients.

Aside from website design and filmmaking, my most important asset is my ability to conceptualize a project in collaboration with my client.  I love hearing a new idea or dream and I have the experience and knowledge to help convey that idea with a new and creative media solution, be it website design, video production, or social media integration.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and to working with you to help realize your dreams.



 Featured Video: David Quammen - Spillover
- produced for David Quammen

When David Quammen published his non-fiction science thriller, Spillover, we helped him create  a dramatic video book trailer that would evoke the gravity of the subject.