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“As I first-time author, I knew my sales would benefit from a book trailer, but my video knowledge was limited to my cell phone shots.  Daniel Smith took me by the proverbial hand.  He listened to what I conceptually wanted, figured out what I realistically needed, and combined the two with his artistic flair and well-honed skills.  Starting on Day 1, I received compliments on the video, which spilled over into book sales.  Dan’s years of experience has taught him how to treat clients as respected partners. As an added bonus, his easygoing sense of humor kept everything in perspective.”

—Jane Marlow, author Who Is to Blame? A Russian Riddle

“I met with Dan to discuss my vision of what I thought the promotional the video should look like. He then took my idea and ran with it, producing a tremendous final product.  Dan did his own research and found great content, marrying rousing images with impressive music to create a dramatic and artful interpretation.  He created a stirring and dramatic video that was well beyond my expectations.  From script writing to research to video shooting and final edits, Dan was the consummate professional and entirely engaging.  I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for video production. I could not be more pleased with his work.”

—Jon Knokey


“I tend to be a slow adopter of new technologies but eventually I come around.  I wrote six books on yellow legal pads and an electric typewriter before buying my first computer.  Likewise with a website: I was one of those people, private, with no zeal for self-advertising, to whom a personal website seemed one notch less desirable than mounting a huge neon sign on the top of my house, big as a school bus, in the shape of a lobster, with claws that blinked open and closed.  This lobster sign, in glowing orange, would have said: BUY QUAMMEN’S BOOKS.  Ugh, no thanks.  Then, in 2011, some months before my book Spillover was to be published, sensible friends persuaded me that, in the 21st century, if I wanted to reach a broader audience, I should have a website.  Um, okay, maybe.  And they recommended Dan Smith to design it.  Thank god.

I’ve now worked with Dan for more than ten years, and he is my guy.  With the skill and grace of a musician (which he is), he designed my website.  He made it elegantly sleek, and simple enough that even I can add updates, news.  He created a powerful, gruesomely cool video trailer for Spillover.  He helped me mount posts when I was just out of the Congo or the Yellowstone backcountry.  He has stood by me, the web wizard this Luddite needs, and he has been deft, understanding, and responsive in doing it.  I look forward to working with him further.  He’s an artist in this guild, and he speaks the lingo.  He’s the translator, the curator, the framer.  Think about it.

—David Quammen
May 15, 2023


Bozeman, Montana

Oolite Media LLC is a Bozeman, Montana-based multimedia development firm specializing in responsive website development, digital video production, still & motion graphics and archival image and video preservation.  We have over 25 years of experience in media planning, design and development.

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