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Over 10 million sites are hacked each year.  Not only can hacked sites ruin years of hard work, they can ruin your reputation and be costly to fix. Oolite/A2 Hosting helps prevent this from happening to you by providing a suite of services that include fast and secure hosting, free SSL certificates for each site, regular software updates, regular backups, and regular malware scans with automatic patches for detected security vulnerabilities.

After your website is up and running, it can be easy to forget about critical periodic maintenance. Updating an entire application all at once can frequently break a website’s functionality because of its plugins, themes, and other dependencies. That’s why it’s important to have a competent webmaster to continually monitor your website.

Many “inexpensive” hosting packages can get you up and running for a few dollars a month. But, then you are on your own. No backups, no SSL Certificate, no regular software updates, no malware scans and soon your site is an open door for hackers.

For a modest website hosting and maintenance fee, ooLite/A2 takes care of everything in one simple package. Let ooLite/A2 be your webmaster and remove the worry and stress.

This service will be offered through ooLite Media rather than having you open an account with a web hosting company. Simple and secure. Please check out the hosting plans below.



Hosting & Maintenance


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Two Years

Hosting & Maintenance


Billed Every Two Years


Hosting & Maintenance


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